Sunday, August 02, 2009

Sunday Photo Of the Week (SPOW)

Old Potbridge Road lies between Hook and Hartley Wintney in North East Hampshire. It's a very quiet country road, with just four or five homes built along it and it comes to a dead end in real life long before the map shows this.

However, it's a high point relative to the land to the west and so when we had a lovely sunset in the spring, I set off for the Old Potbridge Road to take some photos. I took several dozen, but most weren't keepers. One of the survivors is shown above; the remaining half dozen are in my online album.


Slim said...

Very arty.

Can you take some in the daylight please so we can actually see the subject :-)

Erin, from my team at Sun is into photograhy and she has a photo blog you may want to peruse:

Sean Haffey said...


Those are spectacular. Where is she based? (I need lessons!)