Wednesday, April 28, 2010

No thank you, Gordon

From the man who "abolished boom and bust" comes the request to let him "finish the job". No matter which party you support, the reply must be "No, thank you." Here's why.

In 1997, the new Labour government inherited a thriving economy. By many measures, it was the strongest in Western world, with inflation low, debt low and unemployment dropping.

By April 2010, the UK economy was arguably the second worst after Greece's. National debt is higher than any time in living memory, excluding post-WW2. There is a good summary of the debt here, together with several clear charts. Debt is also forecast to increase for the next few years by well over £160 billion each year.

Let's put that in perspective: that's more than we spend on education, police and defence put together. If we shut down all our schools, closed all the police stations and disbanded our army, navy and air force we'd still be running up debt under Labour's economic policies.

So, no thank you Gordon Brown. You're a spendthrift. We don't want you to finish the job because we know in reality you would finish the country.

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Slim said...

Part of me is secretly hoping for a Labour victory - I'd prefer this over a hung parliament with the Liberals nannying about trying to tax hard working people to the hilt. The reason is that IMO if Labour did stay in power then I think it would be the end of them as a 'competitive' party. The days of the strong trade union and associated funding are coming to an end, without which Labour is dead in the water. All the sensible thinkers would defect to the Liberal party ensuring it's demise.