Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How to save £160,000,000,000

At present, the Government spends £160,000,000,000 more than it gets from tax. That's about £2,500 for every man, woman and child in the UK.

In economists' language, This Is Not Good.

Earlier this week, the Government announced plans to save £6bn: that's about 1% of the total govenment expenditure. Clearly we need to do more.

Yesterday I suggested how the government might avoid wasting several million pounds in the NHS. Today, in the Telegraph, there is an article by Chris Mullin who was a Labour minister ten years ago. At the time he suggested how to save money by reducing the cost of the wasteful Government Car Service. (Why oh why didn't we have more Labour ministers like this?)

Almost certainly anyone reading this blog will know of some area of waste in government money where savings could be made.

So, if you were the Chancellor, what would you cut?

By all means put your suggestions as comments on this blog. But also write to your local MP. You can find his or her contact details here.

We might well find that we can save that £160,000,000,000 (golly, my hand gets tired typing it) a few pounds at a time.


Future History of England said...

MP for Bracknell Dr Phillip Lee - Campaign to remove him has started! Right, this weekend I will be walking the streets of Bracknell gathering signatures to have MP Philip Lee removed from office, to be the first MP to be removed from power.

Future History of England said...

Saving money and the problem with governments. I hate to break it to you but the people at the top believe the crap that they spew.

Facts that no government man will admit. Governments don't make jobs.
no government job actually produces anything it is a service job, a service job is not a productive job, a non productive job is really wasting money.

You'll throw out all sorts of stuff about Doctors, nurses etc, and your right of course, but the majority of them are not worth the money paid, nor overly productive.

To save money, you need to fire people, in this country your out of luck because its all union and I am all right jack.

Try thinking this way, why Save £160 billion?

Could you Make that kind of money?

As a government? Nope, thus the system is a failure.

I'm going in a circle here, but to close it up.

A government is a company, and you can not spend what you can not make, if you do you fail. A country needs to be run in exactly the same way.

Biggest problem is the education system in this country has been failing for 30 years, and now the UK suffers for it, idiots in charge and people whose first question is, what about my rights, when it should be what am I responsible for?