Saturday, May 01, 2010

Please, David Cameron

Is Cameron good enough?

A mutual acquaintance put me on to David Cameron six years ago. I must say he impressed, with fresh views and the intention and ability to bring 21st century ideas into the heart of the Conservative Party. Looking back at his record, he has delivered on a lot of that and made the Tory Party electable again.

And yet, I can't help but feel disappointed.

I've been wondering about this over the past couple of weeks.

Is it because too many of his inner circle are an elite? No, that's an irritant, but he has done so much to open the party to people of merit.

What about his ideas? Many of them are very good. The schools policy, for example, should see the biggest improvement in education for a generation or two. Inheritance tax will help hundreds of thousands if not millions of Britons. And despite what Gordon may say, there is ample room for cutting waste in government without cutting front line services.

No, it's not these or a dozen other reasons.

The problem is that I want a leader to inspire me, and I don't yet see that in Cameron. What I do see is earnestness and sometimes grim determination. What I want to see is less someone who talks about Big Society and more someone who says "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."

I know that Cameron can do it. His early speeches sparkled with enthusiasm.

If he wants to lead the country, he needs to find that inspirational touch again.

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Slim said...

IMO Cameron just needs to take a little polish from his presentation. Get a bit gritty and emotional sometimes, show he really cares. He's too cool for school at the moment. I think this also turns people off to him. Oh, and maybe a few radical ideas/policies which don't involve increaed taxes. Also, more focus on the 'old' core issues as I think his potential swing voters care most about jobs, health and education (the things which touch them daily).

I can't see why they like Tony BLiar so much when he's just the same character. I see he has a nice sun tan now :-)