Friday, August 31, 2012

I can't find words good enough

When we woke today it was sunny and about five degrees. Centigrade, fortunately.

We had enjoyed a lovely dinner in Grasmere the night before and had a marvellous suite (yes a suite, with a separate lounge and a blissful bath), had slept well and were ready for any challenge.  So the sunshine came as a welcome surprise.

The views were gorgeous, even before we left Grasmere. They just got better. We kept stopping on the stiff climb to turn and look back at the view - not, you understand because we were tired. The day continued like this with heart breakingly beautiful scenery every time you crested a use or rounded a bend.

We met up with several people we recognized from the previous days: the policeman, Ken, and his wife, Linda; the happy couple with a dog; a young and cheerful man doing the C2C on his own; the Australians. Everyone was happy and cheerful.

The descent into Patterdale gave us excellent views of Ullswater, where we could see small boats sailing in the breeze. A circuitous walk past a cream colored bull rounded out the day. (Our host says the bull wandered down the hill into town and into the reception area of the local hotel one morning.)

What a truly delightful day. A blister the size and shape of Ireland is a small price to pay.

Tomorrow: sixteen miles to Brampton. The last big hills of the walk.

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