Thursday, August 08, 2013

For you, Seanie, the walk is over

Two hundred miles. 500,000 steps. One lost pedometer. Sixteen strip maps. One lost map.

Several Table Mountains of climbs.  

23 blisters. Seven MegaOws of pain. Four aching feet.

Too many English Breakfasts. W-a-a-a-y too many stiles crossed. About a dozen lovely dinners. One steak pie, obviously bought from Tesco.

More than a dozen welcoming B&B owners. Four great Australians.

Several friendly bees coming to say hello as we crossed the Yorkshire Moors.

So many chocolate box views into the dales from the moors. One heart-achingly beautiful dale.

Two new phrases "Cake o'clock" and "Beer o'clock" (thanks, Rob from Melbourne).

Many lovely Yorkshire and Cumbrian beers.

Especially good weather.

11 End-of-day baths. Hot, glorious, soak-away-the-pain baths. Three showers.

Too many bogs.  But far fewer bogs than usual, thanks to dry weather.

Lots of wethers. (Look it up).

3,141,593 sheep. Zero house-trained sheep.

Two camels (no, I was not hallucinating; they were dromedaries). Two deer.

One grumpy farmer and his wife.

Two houses with flagpoles flying the Union Flag.

One unusually cool and dry August, thank heavens.

One great view over Robin Hood's Bay.

Coast to Coast done. 

One item off the bucket list.

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