Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Unforgettable Canada

Day 1. Arrival. Quite the most spectacular thunderstorm I have ever seen, watched from the front porch.

Day 2. Walk along the Thames in London, in a beautiful park. In Middlesex.

Day 3. Go back in history one hundred years as we visit St Jacobs, a centre of Mennonite settlement (similar to the Amish)

Day 4. Family visit - meet three of my cousin’s children and their three partners and seven grandchildren. A riot does not ensue.

Day 5. Birthday cake at Grace’s house. See Cory’s magnificent cherrywood bar in the basement of his house. Eat the best steak ever (thanks, Doug). Dream about digging out a basement in our house in England.

Day 6. Travel to Sarnia on Lake Huron. See where Kathy grew up. Experience a gale coming in from the north across the lake. End the day with an excellent steak at the Keg, in London.

Day 7. Cross country to Toronto. Take a glass-bottomed lift up the CN tower with shut eyes. Lunch (steak) 1,000 ft above the nearby Toronto Porter Airport. Experience the surreal as we watch aircraft taking off and landing 1,000 ft below our restaurant.  Stand on a glass platform 1,000 ft (surprise) above the street and look straight down. Briefly.  Very, very briefly.

Brilliant breakfasts. Beverages.  BBQs. Early autumn colours. Chauffeured to and fro in the great Escape.

Canada. Unforgettable.

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