Thursday, April 16, 2015

A personal guide to candidates in Hook's election

I'm 59: somewhat right of centre, politically; occasionally grumpy (my family might think this is a generous definition of "occasionally");  lived in Hook for 20 years; been a district councillor for 10 (2002-2012).

So, for what it's worth, here are my views on the candidates for district councillor in Hook.  In alphabetical order:-

Brian Burchfield, Conservative

Pro: He's done the job for a few years now (about 4 years I think) so he understands what being a councillor is all about.  He's Tory, which is the way most of Hook votes, and follows the party line: you get what you see on the tin.

Con:  I understand through word of mouth that he's spending a lot of time travelling on business.  Does he have have time to be a good councillor?  He's Tory, which is the way most of Hook votes, and follows the party line: but what if he has to choose between what's good for the Tories and what's good for Hook?

Ruth Hamilton, UKIP

Pro: Ruth Hamilton has lived in Hook for over 20 years: the longest residence of the candidates, I think.  As a music teacher, she has good connections around the village and knows what goes on.  UKIP has the strongest position against over-development.  She's a lovely person.

Con: It's not clear that Hook is particularly UKIP territory.  Like all bar Brian Burchfield, she does not have experience as a district councillor.

Verd Nabbs, Labour

Pro: courageous: you have to be courageous to stand for Labour in Hook!

Con:  Labour.  Largely invisible except at election time (has previously stood in Hook).

Jeffrey Smith, LibDem

Pro: Up to 2002, Hook had a LibDem councillor so there clearly is/was a good amount of LibDem support in the area.

Con: Doesn't live in Hook (comes from Fleet).  For me, that's a no-no: IMHO you must live in the place you want to represent.

Other sources of information

It's also worth reading what's written here about development around Hart and where the candidates stand and following Hook Action Against Overdevelopment on FaceBook, which I think is here.

So ... how will I vote?  I'll read the literature, think about the candidates and decide nearer the time!  Probably not Jeffrey Smith, though.

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